The classic saddle bag

This little leather bag was in my head for so many years but I couldn’t quite release it into the world. I’ve made many designs of saddle bag but I always wanted something more simple with classic lines but a really unique design. I wanted it sturdy and able to take the rigours of day to day use without losing its shape so I devised the double dished front and back. I use a wet moulding technique to form the front and back which when dried retains it shape. The almost architectural quality of the outer edges gives the bag it’s structural integrity and maintains its shape.

The bag is fully hand stitched using the traditional age old technique of saddle stitching. Each hole is individually punched through the leather with a sharp pointed awl and the two needles are both drawn through in opposite directions, creating an inner knot which pulls tight and holds the two surfaces together. I use waxed synthetic thread for strength and durability because unlike natural linen thread, it won’t discolour or rot with age.

Inside I included a removable leather pocket for holding the small items and preventing them from rattling around in the bottom of the bag.

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